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Info for “To The Sea project”

Yes there will be photos.

And there will also be a video of me sending it out to sea. except hopefully you wont see me

As a sone my heart goes out to the SNSD fandom. Stay strong. At least you will still be able to see Jessica… Lavely is here for you as well. 

Today is the last day for submissions for “To The Sea Project” Send in your Name with an optional message today before 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. If you still need more time let me know today before I start Finalizing the list of people.

I would get Risae for my signed kiss kiss! It’s meant to be. I think it’s a sign.

going home hope to see my kiss kiss

3 more hours till i go home and possibly see my kiss kiss

dlythe said: this made me so happy when i read it omg… im so happy sojung is feeling better ;u;

We need updates on the others… not just sojung ;_;

 ”Sojung is recovering well.  The surgery went well, and there are no plans for additional surgeries.  After the surgery, she is eating well, too.  As she hurt her bone, it looks like it will take more time for the [wound] to heal."  

It was also relayed that she was mentally traumatized when she heard the news of the other members.  However, she is currently showing no signs of having a hard time, and even smiling at times.  

Credit: allkpop

Maybe thats why she was on twitter recently. We can see when you follow someone sojung »


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